Is Wealthy Affiliate legitimate?

Is Wealthy Affiliate worth it?

Here are my tips in helping you decide:


You may be a newbie or a seasoned one in this industry, but one thing is a must, you must be equipped with the proper knowledge to know if Wealthy Affiliate is legit. Read on the positives. Read on the negatives. Depending on which sites you visit, but most likely, the negative reviews will deeply discourage you. But don’t fret, check also the positive ones. Are there trustworthy people out there who can vouch that Wealthy Affiliate is legitimate? My gauge is if I find at least one good soul that I can trust, I will give it a try.

It will be unfortunate if you decided based on a fear shared by someone. Maybe he is wrong. Maybe he is misinformed. Maybe he is promoting something else. The list goes on. The important thing is that you can say that you have basic knowledge on what the product is before you accept or reject the idea.


Give yourself a time frame on your research. I say this because I want you to avoid information overload. If every day, all you do is research about Wealthy Affiliate, and its negative and positive reviews, for let us say a month, I bet, you’ll most likely not jump into it. I suggest, give yourself maybe 3 days to a week.
Absorb all the information you read and understood. Ask from the blogs where you read the review. Be balanced. Ask from the positive and negative reviews. They will surely have the two perspectives that will help you decide. And maybe after a week, it is time to decide.

You can ask me anything below and I might have the answer to your inquiry.

But let me say this, Wealthy Affiliate, though ideally caters to everyone, is not for everyone. Why did I say that? Read on and I’ll explain.


Now, there is no better way to know if Wealthy Affiliate is worth it if you don’t try it out. It is like as a newbie driver, reading on how to drive is absolutely helpful. But it is when you jump on the wheels and actually drive, you will know how it works.

The trial program of Wealthy Affiliate walks you through for the first 7 days on what to expect inside once you join. And yes, it is FREE, absolutely almost all countries.

Unfortunately, there are certain countries where they do not offer the free 7 days due to a limitation they faced. As of November 2017, they are as follow: Bangladesh, Egypt, India, Kenya, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, and Vietnam.

But it doesn’t mean that our friends from these countries cannot join anymore. They can in fact do, it’s just that they would need the regular subscription immediately to enter the training.  But don’t worry, I must say, the subscription will be worth it.

For those reading this and you can avail of the free 7-day trial, I’d recommend you try. No frills. No credit cards needed. You just need the passion for learning and a keen heart to know what you really want.


But of course, whether you jumped in already in the trial period or is still in the thinking to join phase, another thing you want to ask is your commitment level.

Again, I will mention. Wealthy Affiliate, though ideally caters to everyone, is not for everyone.

First, it is not a get rich quick program. It is not expected, unless you are extremely gifted and lucky, that you will earn hundreds or thousands immediately.

From my experience so far, the Wealthy Affiliate Program is a legitimate training program where it will equip you with all the needed tools to help you in creating a website using Word Press and guides you on how to start your own online business (when I say business, it encompasses all the ideas of making money online). It also has a brilliant community inside it. We all help each other. There are training, live classes and very much updated in all aspects of tech and information support.

Second, there is the financial aspect. After the 7 days free trial program, you will then be invited to avail the $19 promotion for the first month of membership. That’s a BONUS offer, exclusively offered to those who sign-up for the 7 day trial period. Then subsequent months will cost $49. The yearly membership will save you more, that’s $359/year (it comes at almost $30/month).

But then, maybe you are thinking, that’s too much. You might be telling yourself that probably, you can learn everything free online. I absolutely agree. But for me, I opted to join because I wanted a more structured way to learn things. I wanted a community of like-minded individuals who can help me in the journey.

Aside from the training and the community, the membership also comes with web hosting services and a platform to create your websites. It is truly a good value for money program.

So what am I saying? I believe that you must also check your commitment level because you will be spending money once you “officially” join the community. Just think of it as a class or a paid training that you are joining. If you have the right commitment level and the right focus, you will agree with me that your money is well spent.

Oh and let me emphasize, if along the way, your circumstances change, you can always opt to leave, taking with you all the things you’ve learned. That’s absolutely normal. Many in the Wealthy Affiliate program I saw, left but eventually came back. But of course, we would love you to keep on staying.

Third and last on the commitment level is asking yourself what drives you to do it. For me, I really just wanted to learn how to create a website. Then I came across the idea of affiliate marketing and earning online, which lead me to Wealthy Affiliate. These two combined gave me the passion for committing myself to learning and staying in the program.


This is the cliché part.

Who knows better yourself than yourself? You may read a blog like this promoting Wealthy Affiliate. You may also read a lot, and I mean a lot, discouraging people from joining. Some say that it is a scam and everything Wealthy Affiliate teach is freely available. It might dishearten you and just continue your search on finding other ways to earn online.

But like what I suggested, give yourself a well-balanced time frame and decide.

I followed mine, and so far, I am very appreciative and I feel very glad that it was a right decision.


Then we go back to our question.

Is Wealthy Affiliate legitimate? Is Wealthy Affiliate worth it?

The ball is now in your hands.

If you ask me, as a member who is benefiting from it, I say that definitely, Wealthy Affiliate is legitimate.

But my journey is different from yours. We all have a different set of circumstances.

But I believe we share the same desire in driving our desires to fuel our passions.

If you opt-inn, I’ll be very glad to welcome you in the Wealthy Affiliate Community thru this link.

If you opt out, I’ll still be glad we met thru this blog. I wish that one day, I may inspire you as I have been inspired by the people before me before I joined the community.

Share your thoughts below and I’ll be very glad to hear your story.

Thanks for reading.



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