Me Time

When was the last time you had your “me” time?

I am sure that we all want that but I am also sure that we are all pre-occupied with all the distractions around us.

But now that you have passed the first two sentences of this blog, I am sure that I am using up your little “me” time.

Let me not waste it.

Let me introduce to you a way to earn a new skill and at the same time earn money online. I too was skeptic but after doing due diligence, I realized that the potential to earn is just right in front of me.


If you want to learn something new, maybe as a new year resolution, or just simply a badge of confidence in your heart, maybe you will be interested in making your own website.

Yes, making your own website blog like this, or making a stunning and creative website for someone else.

This was my motivation when I started. I was scouring the web to see how I can teach myself thru online tutorials on how to make a website. There are literally tons of tutorials both free and paid. For someone who doesn’t know any programming skill, it was overwhelming. So I kept on searching how to learn to make one without having the programming skills set.

Then in a stroke of “luck”, I chanced upon the term “Affiliate Online Marketing”. I initially had no idea what it was. After reading on it, it intrigued me because it mentions that people who do it earn money online.

Is it a scam? Is it too good to be true? Well, as a trained researcher and journalist, being in the media industry for almost 13 years now, I did my due diligence. Interestingly, it is legitimate. People do earn money online as an Affiliate Marketer. (There are many ways but I will focus on this)


To simplify the whole idea, an Affiliate Online Marketer is someone who creates or owns a website that affiliate companies (like Amazon, Barnes, and Nobles, etc. – you can google more ) tap so they can re-direct audience to their e-commerce site. When someone goes to your website and is inspired by one of the ads of the affiliate companies that you are partnered with, and he or she buys from that website, you as an Affiliate Marketer will earn a percentage of the sale.

Simply put, thru your website, you re-direct traffic to “them” so they can generate sale, while you earn commission.


Well, at face value, yes and the idea is straight forward.

But it all depends on your motivation.

If the idea of learning a new skill, which is making your own website interests you even just a little, then that would be a great start. Your basic foundation is creating your own website.

Once you learned on how to make a website, the next step is content building. You would want people to visit your site. And you would want them to stay and read what you have to say or to offer.

Wait, I will stop there for a while.

It might be too overwhelming for you now if I try to give you all the details. I understand where you are coming from because I was in the same boat when I started.

All I want to share for now is if learning a new skill which is building a website is your thing. Go for it.

If your motivation is looking for more ways to earn money online legitimately, go for it. We all do.

But isn’t absolutely amazing if you are able to do both? You learned how to create a website and you are able to earn from it.

For me, I am very happy that now, I must say in confidence that I can now make my own website. Will I earn from it? Maybe yes, maybe not yet, I hope I will.

It is the satisfaction in my heart that matters, that we can always learn something new and that’s what drives me to share this wonderful opportunity with you.




This article was written by JR

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