What is Gengo?

GENGO, which means “language” in Japanese was founded by Matthew Romaine and Robert Laing in 2008. Before the re-branding to GENGO in  2012, the company was known as “myGengo.”

It is a web-based human translation platform based in Tokyo, Japan. They have approximately 20,000+ pre-tested translators working across 37 languages. Translations can be ordered via direct order thru their website or thru API integration.


To be one of GENGO’s accredited translator, there are three basic steps.

1. Sign-up

2. Qualify

3. Start Working

To sign-up, visit the GENGO Translator’s page.

You must then choose a language pair that you wish to be a translator for. Then, you would need to take the qualifying exams to be accredited.

Once you passed, they will guide you with all the necessary details regarding the style guides for translations, your workspace platform, and the compensation. You will then be accredited either as Standard Level or Standard/Pro Level.

As a Gengo Translator, you will be paid via Paypal the following rate:

  • Standard Level: $0.03 per word/$0.018 per character (e.g. Japanese, Chinese)
  • Pro Level: $0.08 per word/$0.048 per character


– They are one of the trusted companies in the online translation industry

– Work wherever you are and whenever you are available

– Very prompt and efficient payment services

– User-friendly interface

– Very helpful quality assurance and support team


– Patience is needed especially if there are down times. Some language pairs sometimes are more in demand than the others. There is a possibility that several days will pass with no job translation order.

– When you try to sign-up now and don’t see your language pair available, it simply means that the supply of accredited translators is far more than the client demand of your language. There is a possibility that you cannot enter as of this moment.

Visit their website and share with me your thoughts below.

This article was written by JR

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